Marte Marie Forsberg
Logo Marque

Creative narrative

Working with professional food and lifestyle photographer, writer and designer Marte Marie was a joy. Marte Marie wanted a logo marque that she could use across different platforms from notecards, notepaper to tissue paper and her capsule clothing line. In working with Marte Marie we wanted to create a logo marque that reflected her love of Italy and dress making but also to show a romantic yet strong female. Of course I took Marte Marie herself as my inspiration and created many drawings of her before we went on to develop the final design.

The final design shows an Italianate woman, long hair flowing like that of Botticelli’s Venus. Her off the shoulder dress a nod to Marte Marie’s wonderful creations and the ‘coffee cup’ ring encircling the woman a sign of totality, wholeness and original perfection albeit with strands of hair exiting the circle representing Marte Marie’s free spirit. 

Marte Marie has lent her expertise and wonderfully ethereal photography style to shooting the items for purchase in the Magasin.